IndieTips is the home for fast, reliable, informational and notebook friendly filmmaking tips that are geared towards indie filmmakers and newcomers to filmmaking alike. We want IndieTips to grow to be an online filmmaking encyclopaedia with all the boring bits taken out.

Original tips are posted multiple times a week, from writing to cinematography, VFX, acting and producing, the list goes on. You can also find sourced tips from industry professionals and established authors making their way onto the IndieTips newsfeed. To never miss a tip follow our social network feeds; Twitter or Facebook, to be notified when a new tip goes live.

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Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. 

Q. Are you taking on new writers?
A. This is a tricky one; we would love to take on new full-time writers. However, at the moment after paying our hosting, the site plug-ins, and newsletter support, there is very little profit and we wouldn’t want anyone to put in 100% effort and receive no monetary return. If you would like to write for experience and to have your name attached to a few published articles, then please send us an email.

Q. Who is the site editor?
A. The site editor and lead content creator Lewis McGregor. We also occasionally have guest writers, to find out the writer of an article just scroll to the bottom of the article to find the ‘About the Author’ segment.

Q. Why are the IndieTips videos on the UglyMcGregor YouTube channel instead of the IndieTips YouTube channel?
A. At the very start, UglyMcGregor was created to show small DIY hacks for DSLR filmmaking. However, a few months into 2013 it became apparent that a few tips didn’t warrant a video tutorial. Given that a video tutorial takes a few days to make, it was going to be much easier to write out the information instead, and so IndieTips was born. While the foundations of IndieTips was being built, the UglyMcGregor channel started to grow rapidly in popularity. It became apparent that with an already established audience on one channel, it would be foolish to start a new channel and try to build another audience hungry on DSLR film tips from scratch.

Q. Do you accept short film submissions and/or crowdfunding projects to write about?
A. Usually, we only write about something that will likely interest our audience. If you think your content will appeal to DIY and indie filmmakers, then please send us an email with information about your content and we will respond within 48 hours.