DaVinci Resolve Editing Tutorial Series

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In the summer of 2016, I was invited away by Blackmagic Design to attend three-day boot camp to learn about using Resolve as an NLE, not for the colour grading application for which Resolve is famous for.

I certainly went in with reservations. I had been using Adobe Premiere for many years, and I wasn’t quite ready to give it up just yet. Nonetheless, after the first day, I was looking to see who the best person was to sweet talk to try and nab myself a copy of the studio version, as 12.5 is brilliant for editing. I’ve spent the last few months tinkering and playing around with the software, and now I’m happy to share my DaVinci Resolve 12.5 editing tutorial series. This series will break down every aspect of working in Resolve at a beginner level, as well as looking at some advanced used throughout.

Each episode will focus on a specific area of the software, and by the end of the free course, you should be able to edit confidently within Resolve.

Oh, did I mention that the software is free? There is a studio (pro) version, but for the most part, unless you’re professionally delivering footage, you’re good with the lite version. The series will likely run for 7 or 8 episodes. At the time of writing this I’m still producing an episode on a fortnightly basis, so check back often or subscribe to UglyMcGregor to be notified when a new video has gone live.

Episode 1 – The Media Page 

Episode 2 – The Edit Page 

Episode 3 – Edit Tools


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