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Social media has redefined the way we seek knowledge. We can sit from the comfort of our homes and get fed information through Twitter streams and Facebook posts. When you think about how easy it is to learn with the help of dedicated Facebook pages, you would think everyone would be increasing their intellect. Sadly, 7-second pranks are much more popular. To go one step further, we’ve removed the process of you finding these pages for yourself. Here are some of the best pages to follow for filmmaking advice. The majority of the pages only share articles that are published on their site, but there are a good few gems mixed in that share articles from all depths of the web.

Listed in no particular order;

11193409_947551925276530_5148002010358016452_nFilm School 

Although Film School Shorts is a YouTube channel that specializes in promoting short films. Their Facebook page is a haven for interesting filmmaking articles gathered from all across the interwebs. 

NoFilmSchool is the Goliath of filmmaking tips on the internet. Several articles are posted a day from tech news to filmmaking advice. They have a very active community on their site which also outreaches onto their Facebook posts; you may find extra information posted from their users.

Premium Beat 10409271_10152521705902129_4155642466164448895_n

Premium Beat is a royalty free music site that specialises royalty free (obviously) production music and sound effects. They also have a blog which pumps out filmmaking advice at the same quality as their music. You can find quality information from advanced cinematography to DSLR basics being shared through their Facebook page.

What’s a list without plugging yourself, right? Indietips focuses on sharing original tips and video tutorials aimed towards new filmmakers and DSLR users alike. We intend to post multiple tips a week, from writing to cinematography, VFX, acting, producing, the list goes on and on. So remember to check back often.

indieWIRE shares news, information, and networking opportunities for independent-minded filmmakers, the industry, and moviegoers alike. Although the majority of IW’s articles are based on indie film itself, they quite often share invaluable advice straight from filmmakers in the spotlight.

The Writer’s

The Writer’s Circle is the only pure Facebook page on the list. A pure page being it isn’t a page directing traffic to its own website. Their mission is to help connect, encourage, and highlight writers around the world. They share bite-size tips on writing, along with funny memes and downloadable cheat sheets which are always great to have on your desktop.

Video & Filmmaker

V&F is a magazine style website covering every aspect of filmmaking. V&F is a great website to follow to keep up with the latest gear and technology.

There are hundreds of Facebook pages dedicated to filmmaking, the ones above are just a few that I tend to go on at least once a day. What are your favourites?

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Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.