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A list of every known filmmaking infographic known to mankind! Well, maybe not “every”, but here’s a good few, with a few related infographics thrown into the mix. For the full size graphic just click the picture.

Covering the Industry, DIY Filmmaking tips and even on sorting your taxes as a freelancer!

Working In The Industry

Thinking about starting the long journey to start a career in the film industry but don’t have a single clue in which direction to go? Take a look at some of these Infographics.

Film Careers - Where to Begin Infographics

credit Yodi Group

Careers in Filmmaking Infographic


Jobs On A Movie Set Infographic

credit OxymoronEntertainment

A more light-hearted approach to finding your true calling.

What To Be In Film Infographic

credit Filmsourcing

So you’ve managed to get yourself a DSLR and you’ve been doing pretty well with it. People have noticed you and now they want you to help them with their projects. But they want you to work for free and you’re unsure if you should. Take a look at this infographic then decide. Of course don’t live your life by this infographic, you may miss some amazing opportunities.

Should I work for Free Inforgraphic

credit Jessica Hische

It turns out that you should be getting paid, and even more, a lot more people want to hire you! It looks like you may be able to go freelance full time. This infographic will help you with your taxes (US)

Freelancer Tax Guide Inforgraphic

credit Freshbooks


Making a Film

Making a film can be a confusing process. Searching for infographics about making films can be even trickier, well from now on it will be a walk in the park.

DIY Filmmakers Toolkit Infographic

credit Column Five

Not necessarily a filmmaking infographic but understanding the Creative Commons can be useful if you want to use someone else s pictures for/or in your film.

Creative commons Infographic

credit  Fotor

I Want To Make an Animated Movie Infographic I Want to Make A Horror Film Infographic

I Want To Make an Action Movie Infographic I Want To Make A Short Film Infographic

 credit Canal+

This will be helpful for you DSLR users.

Exposure Infographic

 credit FilmmakerIQ/John P Hess.


How The Cinema Works

Being an Indie filmmaker it’s very likely you’re quite technical and it’s also likely that when a relative wants to know the difference between a DVD and a Bluray, you’ll be the first person they’ll ask.  Now you can explain to them the infernal process of how the computers that bring us movie magic work.

 Imax Infographic

 credit Evan Luzi

Render Infographic

credit Brocade

How 3D Works Infographiccredit

While we’re on the topic of 3D. Have this one too.

Evolution of 3D Infographic

 credit 3D Striker


More garnered towards the American rating system, and in complete satire… well in all honesty this gives hardly any useful information but this is pretty hysterical.

Rating Infographic

credit CollegeHumor

The Money

The money, the backbone of filmmaking. While for some filmmaking is about conveying the art of emotion through story telling. For the Suits, it’s about the money, and for good reason, professional filmmaking brings in the money.

Flow of The Film Money Infographic

credit myspace

Online Film Distribution Infographic

credit Yekra

Spotlight on Movie Profitability Infographic

credit Krisztina Szucs



Always remember your roots.

Film History Infographic

 credit InfographicBox 


We Indie Filmmakers use software such as Avid, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere on a daily basis, but do you know about the history of the NLE?

NLE History Infographic

credit Art of The Gillotine Network

Fun Facts

These infographics are compiled of facts and trivia which will make you an unstoppable force come quiz night.

Film Industry Statistics Infographic

Editing Infographic

credit Art of The Gillotine Network

Horror Films Infographic

On Location Infographiccredit Column Five

IMDB Infographiccredit

Oscar Trends Infographic

Individual Film Infographics

These infographics explore individual films and their characteristics.

Looper Infographic


Inglorious Bastards Infographic


James Bond Infographic

 credit H&R Block

Inception Infographiccredit Shahed Syed


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