Hedge For Mac – Review

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If you continue to follow your path as a filmmaker, from novice to paid operator, there will be a point where simple, but mundane tasks will start to cost you time, and of course money. If you have a tight deadline, the last thing you want is to be spending hours transferring media and creating an organized folder system.

This is where Hedge comes in.


Disclaimer: At this current moment in time, Hedge is an advertiser here on IndieTips.com, but this review is an independent evaluation based on my experience with the software.

When I’ve returned home from days shoot, be it a paid job or a passion project. These are the steps I’ll usually take to back up my media.

  • I would first create a folder structure depending on the scenes that were shot. This could be as simple as “Interior_Kitchen_Scene_3”, or it could be quite complicated with several subfolders.
  • Then transfer the footage from the memory card over into that folder.
  • Finally, I would make a backup of that transfer onto another drive. Perhaps another copy to be safe if the footage is of high value.

It’s a tedious process. There’s nothing great about transferring data and making backups. Not to mention the time it can steal. This is where software like Hedge comes into play.

Hedge is a streamline data management software that takes away the stress of the backup process. The UI is very minimalistic and reasonably stylish. There are no two ways of doing something; it’s click here and click there. Even a novice would have a hard time getting confused. You set your source folder on the left, and the destination folder on the right, and this is where the beauty of Hedge comes into play. If you have several backup destinations, transfer time is shortened, as while Hedge transfers one group of files, it verifies another set, which in turn makes the process a lot quicker. In this Hedge blog, you can read how the data is processed faster over conventional transfer methods.

Best practices from Paul Matthijs Lombert of Hedge For Mac

Keeping a few things in mind will save you hours down the road:

  • Use concurrent transfers to make good use of bandwidth.
  • Keep those card readers busy!
  • Use external disks with a power adapter when you can.
  • Don’t use bus-powered USB hubs.

One of the brilliant core elements of Hedge is the information that is displayed visually. Everything is organically laid out, and you are given a constant visual update of what process is currently in operation. I’m also a fan of the log file it also leaves behind in the source folder. If you ever misplace a file, or you’re unsure if it was even transferred, you can pull up the data log and see if that particular file was moved. Whenever I look into investing in a new piece of equipment or software, I’ll check out the reviews of respected filmmaking bloggers to see what they also think. There’s one coherent theme that runs throughout other reviews of this piece of software, is that there’s not that much to say about it. It does exactly what it says on the [metaphorical] box.  It’s fast, it’s simple, it saves a ton of time. Multiple sources, multiple destinations = no problem.


IndieTips is, of course, a resource for new filmmakers. You might be at odds with the idea of dropping $99 on a software application that does one thing, but do not worry, as they also have a free version that you can download, which also comes with a 10-day free trial of the premium version. There’s no reason not to try it!

After your 10-day trial is up, if you feel like you want to stay at the premium level, don’t purchase the application just yet. Come back to IndieTips and go through this link as we can save you 10% on your purchase. If you are currently a student or teacher, you can also obtain a discount of up to 50% if you have a valid educational email address. They’re practically giving it away at that price! At the moment the application is currently only available for the Mac operating system, there are possibilities of a Windows version but not at this current moment in time. However, judging from the recent IBC conference footage below, there’s a lot in store for Hedge come the future.


About The Author

Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.