How To Batch Render Multiple Files In After Effects

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne thing I love about After Effects is that it’s very easy to export and render your composition. When I was first learning my way around editing software, I always found that when it came to exporting your work, the task would be somewhat cumbersome. In After Effects, you have an individual render panel that clearly displays all of the export settings that you can play around with. However, one thing that isn’t clearly displayed is how you can render how multiple compositions out at once with the same settings. Usually, you would have to individually select the settings of each composition, when you have over 15 compositions, it just isn’t practical.

In a few easy steps here’s how you can do just that. You can watch the video or follow the text steps just below.

1. Make sure your render queue is empty, and select Edit>Templates>Output Module

2. In the pop-up box click edit.


3. In the second pop-up box, you can select a format that you want to render your compositions out to.



When you add your compositions to the render queue, they will now all have the same output settings. Another setting that you may need to change for a batch of compositions is the destination folder. As the default format exports all files to the same folder, therefore if you need to change a multitude of compositions this too is going to take some time. To work around this, very simply remove all but one compositions from the render queue, change the destination for that one composition, then re-add the rest of your compositions and they will now all export to the same folder.

If your After Effects is running slow, follow the tutorial below to optimize your experience.

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