VFX: How To Loop Footage In Adobe After Effects

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Have some film grain or an overlay that only lasts for 20 seconds? Well, here is a very simple method on how to loop that clip in Adobe After Effects CS6.

1). In the main project window, right-click the file that needs looping.

2.) Hover over “Interpret Footage” This will bring out two secondary options. Select Main.


3.) In the pop-up window at the very bottom there is a looping option. Enter the amount of times you want to loop the footage. Input a high number for ease.


4.) In your timeline, your file’s layer will now be expandable.


You can now expand the clip or effect to your hearts desire.


About The Author

Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.

  • Jody

    I learned about this only after having set up many segment layers in my time line. Out of ignorance I had planned on duplicating them over and over to have them loop to the end of the timeline. THEN I learned about Interpret Footage. This works great for adding new assets to the time line but it seems like it won’t actually loop the segment after it is already placed in the timeline. If this is true then I have to almost start my project over and it is almost due. I’ve seen posts about a looping script but I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that yet. Is that my only option?

    • Have you solved this somehow? Exact same problem for me. This really sucks in AE…