How To Structure a Video Essay

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Since we entered the domain of The Information Age, the popularity in learning how something is made or produced has grown exponentially. Shows such as How’s It Made and Mythbusters fill up various time slots on the TV. The same can be said for structural analysis on films and popular culture, which come in the form of video essays. The first ever video essay I watched that was produced solely for online consumption was Everything Is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson: 

Everything is a Remix #1 is about to hit 2 million hits.

Tony Zhou is another film analyst who rarely misses the mark with his video essays. We’ve already featured a number of his videos on IndieTips and no doubt we will continue to do so.

Tony’s channel Every Frame a Painting has grown in popularity and as a result the number of people producing video essays on film have grown too. I too at one point thought about making a video essay about the current trend of superhero films, but I later decided to stick with filmmaking tutorials.

Luckily, for those who want to share their speculative theories and analyses of a film, Tony has produced a new video F for Fake, which studies the actual structure of video essays. Like any form of storytelling a structure is needed, and a video essay is no exclusion. Tony shares the tricks and tips he has picked up on the structure from Orson Well’s F for Fake. It’s a must watch for anyone looking to produce a video essay of their own.

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Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.