Inside Out, Without The Inside.

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Pixar has become the staple company for heartwarming storytelling in modern entertainment. With only one critical misfire, they have had fifteen films reach the hearts of adults and children alike. Pixar’s Twenty Two Rules of Storytelling is one of our most popular articles, it is safe to say that when people think of good storytellers, Pixar is at the forefront.

Therefore, it is of no surprise that when you remove the vast majority of content from Pixar’s Inside Out, you are still left with a heartfelt short film. Vimeo user Jordan Hanzon created an edited version of the film after a request from a Reddit user. If you are unfamiliar with Inside Out, the story revolves around the anthropomorphic emotions within a young girl’s head. 


Each character is a personification of the emotion they represent. The character of Anger is always… Angry. The young girl, Riley, is about to enter puberty and has also just moved to a new house in a completely different state. It leaves the emotions dealing with things they haven’t experienced before. It’s a very fun film with an emotional core that many can relate too. While the majority of the film takes place in the emotion centre with the five emotions and other characterised elements of the human psyche, such as a train of thought and an imaginary friend, we often see Riley experiencing her turmoil in real life. Although the external scenes of the film only take up a fraction of the run time, Hanzon has been able to craft a wonderful edit of those scenes making it into a film itself.

Is it an accident that you still have a wonderful story without the bulk of the film? I think not.

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Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.