News: ‘Because we’ve been here before. We’re going in circles’

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Sam: “This looks strangely familiar.”
Frodo: “Because we’ve been here before. We’re going in circles.”

Ironically, this article originally was published in 2014 and it discussed why we were updating some older posts and republishing them. Now we’re doing the same thing to this article.

Indie Tips is somewhat organic. Many websites rely on the same formula year in and year out, and that’s because they’ve found what successfully works for them. Indie Tips is still growing into what fits perfect for us. It is, after all, a branch of the Ugly McGregor YouTube channel. This website was initially created to write about things which wouldn’t really work as a video tutorial, but this site has since grown into a dedicated database for new filmmakers, and not just a place for small snippets of information.

When IndieTips was first established (nearly four years ago now), the design of the site was very basic, and there was a very basic concept to go along with that; to supply filmmaking tips within a brief and concise paragraph. Most articles only consisted of a few lines. For example here’s one:

“For a line to be spoken the character must have a need to say it. If you merely have the character speak to inform the audience of information, the dialogue is going to feel false and forced. Every individual line must have a sincere motivation, whether conscious or unconscious.”

That was an entire article in February 2013. I’m not too sure if we can even call that an article. Can we? Well, whatever that can be classed as, it’s now been deleted. Daily traffic increases every month and user interaction also continues to grow. Suffice to say an entire web page devoted to 48 words just doesn’t cut it. So we’ve been going back through the old articles, removing the ones which were of no educational value, and improving the ones are. Such example is the before and after screenshots of the article below.





Finally, several tips are already dated even though they were only written just over a year ago. In this fast changing environment of digital filmmaking, the technology is quickly replaced, and some of the articles we have posted may become redundant, and as a result, new material which reflects the current technology is published.

There’s a good handful of articles left to rewrite, so bear with us while we make sure we aren’t wasting your time by letting you click an article with just 50 words or less. There are still new articles consistently published throughout the month, but if you ever feel like you’ve already read a piece of text before, just know you’re not going mad. Yet.

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