Pixar – Why Does This Story Need To Exist?

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I’m a big fan of Pixar. I’ve covered a few topics that analyse their storytelling techniques and their power as storytellers. As I stated in the article Inside Out, Without The Inside, Pixar has become the staple company for heartwarming storytelling in modern entertainment. With only one critical misfire, they have had fifteen films reach the hearts of adults and children alike.

New YouTube video essay analyst Kaptain Kristianhas wonderfully documented the reasons why Pixar makes a story relatable. It’s a lot more than just building a rich, colourful environment and filling them with fantastic characters. All of their films share themes that transmute age and gender boundaries. Everyone can watch a Pixar film and feel. Kristian says that Pixar builds a story around themes and ideas central to socio-emotional development.

As a side note, Kaptain Kristian’s channel has experienced exponential growth since he started producing video essays, it’s worthwhile to subscribe to him as the content he has so far created is fantastic.


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