Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shooting In Abu Dhabi Featurette

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Star Wars blasted into our cinemas over the weekend and the fan buzz along reviews and the box office figures have all been out of this world. Too many puns? Sorry.

With only a handful of people to extremely criticise the film, the majority of movie-goers have nothing but wonderful words to say about the latest addition to the film franchise. When The Phantom Menace was released 16 years ago it was my first experience into the world of Star Wars, and as a 9-year-old child, I actually preferred it much more than the original trilogy. At 9 years old all I saw were aged digital effects and slow fighting when compared to the extravagant prequels. It was only when I started to learn about filmmaking and study film as an art I realised how wrong I was. Looking back at the entire digital sets that run throughout the prequels is nothing but antagonising now. I really wanted to see The Force Awakens to be full of real life locations, animatronics, monster costumes and everything else that made the original trilogy great. I was not disappointed.

The behind the scenes video below gives us a peek at what it was like to shoot on location in the United Arab Emirates for the location Jakku. It’s a great insight on how practical the sets were. Hopefully the BluRay will be laden with extras like this.


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