The Best Filmmaking Podcasts

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The internet has so much potential information to harvest that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to digest. In the case of filmmaking, you have multiple educational websites, YouTube tutorials, video interviews, pay-per-view courses, behind-the-scenes footage, and short form twitter advice from filmmakers themselves. The list is endless. Another educational tool that is often overlooked are podcasts. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them virtually anywhere, which makes them indispensable tools of learning.

There are hundreds of great shows out there, new and old, that interview and discuss filmmaking with industry working professionals.

As each podcast usually lasts from thirty minutes up to an hour, we have decided to only rank the top four podcasts. The four alone will supply you with days of listening material.

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The American Cinematographer podcast is hosted Iain Stasukevich and although it’s primary focus is on cinematographers, they also interview directors and other collaborators involved in the process of bringing a film or television show to life. The interviews are jam packed with great content and advice from working cinematographers. It’s especially great to hear how a certain scene was lit and shot. It is always interesting to hear about how many shots were actually lucky mistakes. Their scheduling has recently died down, with only six episodes last year, but there is still a large back catalogue to work through.


The Cutting Room is the podcast from The Art of the Guillotine, a website devoted to editing and post-production discussion.  The podcast, hosted by Gordon Burkell, is a very active podcast with some months receiving more than three episodes. The last few episodes involved interviews with editors Stephen Mirrione [The Revenant] and Joe Walker [Sicario]. Although, the episodes  typically run shorter in comparison with others listed here.


No Film School is arguably the largest indie filmmaking tips and tricks website on the internet. At the end of January, they added podcasts to their educational arsenal. The podcasts are hosted by website founder Ryan Koo, EIC Liz Nord and website contributor Oakley Anderson-Moore. Although the podcast is fairly new, they have so far published 12 podcasts in just 6 weeks. Like the website, the podcast covers a wide variety of topics as well as interviews from professional filmmakers.


The Wandering DP is a cinematography training website by Patrick O’Sullivan. The website is a treasure trove of cinematic information. Along with sharing his own tips and tricks, Patrick also interviews cinematographers and hosts cinematography related discussions on his podcast. There’s a wealth of valuable information within these podcasts, many also cross the hour mark.

There are many more great podcasts that you can find by clicking the related button in the iTunes store. Unfortunately, many podcasts are no longer producing episodes, however, that doesn’t negate the excellence of the information they contain.

What are your favourite filmmaking podcasts?

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Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.