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Every movie fan knows how a song or musical theme can make all of the difference in transforming a scene into something truly memorable. But for the indie filmmaker, it can be tough to find material that’s not only suitable but also free of copyright.

So whether you’re just starting out on your next movie project, or are in the final stages of post-production, here are a few examples of how film-makers and even games developers have used music and musicians in creative ways.

Movie-makers like Quentin Tarantino have perfected the art of using a piece of music in a particular scene to stunning effect. And while it would be nice to have the budget to pay the licensing fees necessary to use works like Stuck In The Middle With You, the fact is that most indie filmmakers will have to take a few shortcuts.

This is why finding smaller, underground musical artists can be a good way to add a musical touch without breaking the bank. Even Tarantino has used lesser known artists like Urge Overkill in his movies, and as revenues from album sales dwindle it’s clear that this intersection between musicians and indie filmmakers is going to become evermore important in years to come.

Interestingly many musicians and moviemakers are finding that the gaming arena is one of the most challenging and artistic realms that’s constantly needing new content and expertise. Not only have there been the high-profile likes of gangsta rap stars providing a fitting soundtrack to games like Grand Theft Auto, but even indie rockers like Health have formed an alliance with the games developers 343 Industries.

It understands the intersection between the visual and the aural that’s intrinsic to explaining how gaming has managed to jump ahead of movies as the world’s favoured entertainment form. With even online casino sites like Lucky Nugget Casino providing a list of their favourite songs to accompany the iconic imagery of their online roulette games, it shows that we could learn a few tricks from how the booming world of gaming has sought to use music in exciting new ways.

But even if we can’t afford to use such extravagant musical choices, then we can always learn to use our limitations to our advantage. After all, the legendary Danish director Lars von Trier founded his Dogme 95 philosophy on not using external music in his movies, which shows that although online roulette may benefit from some extravagant sounds, that doesn’t mean that your own movie has to do the same.


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