VFX: After Effects Camera Tracker Tips

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The day of having to camera track in a program outside of After Effects is long gone thanks to the built in camera tracker within CS6. Although it might not be as great as a piece of software specifically designed for motion tracking, it can get the simple jobs done with ease.

Here are few tips from After Effects guru Mark Christiansen.

  • If you know the angle of view (typically saved with the metadata), you can specify it to remove a variable.
  • Delete points that slip in 3D view, or that are clearly on moving foreground objects in 2d view, then re-solve and create a new camera.
  • Watch Average Error as you delete points; undo if it goes up.
  • Give it shots with foreground and background detail. A couple of objects in the foreground can often be more useful than a dozen extra markers in the background.
  • Be smooth! You can pull a jerky motion track, but there’s nothing better than a clean camera move, and mixing Warp Stabilizer and camera tracker is officially a no-no (but unofficially will work sometimes work fine) 

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