Video: How To Create An Infinite Black Background

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have all seen the music videos that have infinite studio space, an endless abyss of black or white that goes as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, for many DIY filmmakers, the prospect of filming in such location may still be a matter of years of work away. However, all is not lost with this IndieTips video tutorial.

Here we cover a few tips on how one can achieve an infinite black background for relatively little money. Although we won’t have the set space to move the camera around on a dolly or have the actor walk around the studio space, we will be able to mimic the effect seen in countless music videos and films alike.

What you will need is a large black cloth, a set of lights, and a somewhat sizable space which is large enough to fit the actor completely within the composition. To find out how you mix all these ingredients together check out the tutorial below.

About The Author

Lewis McGregor is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from Wales.