The Summer Blockbuster Colour Grading Tutorial

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this video tutorial,  shows your his take on the Summer Blockbuster Look. It’s a much sought after look that a lot of new filmmakers try to obtain. While the teal and orange look is widely criticised, it is also a colour scheme that is found throughout countless blockbusters. I often wonder if the reason why it has become so popular within the last decade is because movie-goers instantly recognize the film as being a ‘blockbuster’. Perhaps at some point studios thought it would give any film a Hollywood finish.  Yet the colour scheme is definitely great for separating subjects from the background.


I will note that in this video, Juan uses Da Vinci Resolve and RAW Files. While the software and the file format may be out of your reach and/or skill range, you can still apply the methods to standard editing software such as Adobe After effects, and at the very least you will learn some interesting colour theory. On Juan’s website you are able to also download a set of LUTs for free, which may assist you on your film-look journey.

 From Juan himself:

Make sure you read the accompanying blog post as it goes into more detail than what’s possible in the video –
I suggest trying out the techniques on the tutorial footage first, as it’s easier to know when you’re heading in the right direction. Download all the necessary footage/files from the link above.

Man with the gun footage kindly provided by Toby Linden –

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    Looks awesome:D Thanks for sharing. What happened by the way? Did you go on vacation or are you just taking a pause from posting tips?:P