Visual: 10 Youtube Channels To Learn Filmmaking Tips

Here are 10 great YouTube channels filled with hours upon hours of filmmaking tutorials and tips. Who needs film school when you have YouTube! Right..?

1. The Home of – UglyMcGregor

Filled with tutorials on obtaining the film look with a DSLR, and other various filmmaking tips and tricks.

2. 3DS Max Learning Channel

The channels name speaks for itself, filled with informational tutorial videos on the software 3DS max, very useful for when you venture into the world of 3D creations.

3. Dave Dugdale – Learning DSLR

Dave is constantly learning how to shoot video better with his DSLR’s. Go along with him as he learns.

4. Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen.

5. Final Cut King Queen

Behind the Scenes and tutorials for the FinalCutKing channel.

6. Dod3032/Neumann Films

Short films and other various videos that relate to educational content on their other site, Neumann Films.

7. Indy Mogul

For low-budget filmmakers looking to improve, Indy Mogul has over 1,000 videos full of DIY moviemaking techniques!

8. FreddieW2

Behind the scenes, tutorials, and more! More freddiew all the time!

9. Sam and Niko

VFX breakdowns, behind-the-scenes, and oddball videos not quite suited for our main channel.

10. VFX Bro

Visual Effects Tutorials.

  • G. Xiong

    I think Indy Mogul should be higher up on this list, recently there’s been great insight on how to actually make features and shorts. Like diving in depth into how kickstarter actually works, or how to deal with actors or finding and getting permission for locations for shoots. More about going out and shooting rather then post production stuff like visual effects that not alot of people can actually do or have the money to get these types of software, which isn’t necessarily needed in order to actually make something.

    I think Indy Mogul has more you can take away and use in the real world, and they cover alot of bases from script writing to film news to actual real world shooting conditions as say another channel that just shows you how to make flashy visual effects and less focus on the art of film making. Im not saying those other channels arent a great source for some tips in visual effects, but from watching Indy Mogul I was able to learm alot more about how to find actors, finding other film makers in my area, and things not to do. Just my 2 cents.

    • Lewis McGregor


      Indy Mogul is great!

      But do remember nowhere in this article is it stated that these were the ‘best’ channels in running order! Just a bunch of channels in no particular order that I have found useful and would like to share with everyone else!


      • G. Xiong

        Oops, sorry. Must be habit every time i see numbers haha

  • Lewis McGregor

    Hey Adam, I’ve just seen this, I’ll check it out tomorrow!