Visual: The Spielberg Face

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spielberg face


What makes a film director an auteur? It is a question that is likely asked to a lot of film students, it is also a question that often gets lost in translation. A simple brief understanding of the auteur theory is that; ‘the auteur’sspielberg face [director’s] creative voice is distinct enough to shine through all kinds of studio interference and through the collective process.’

In this video essay by Kevin B. Lee, he explores
The Spielberg Face, which has become a definitive mark of Spielberg’s auteur legacy.

“With his two new movies War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin being released next week, Steven Spielberg commands our attention once again. We’ve taken the occasion to produce the following video essay exploring what may be the most singular visual element to his films: the face. This video is inspired by the photo essay “The Spielberg Face: A Legacy” written by Matt Patches and published on UGO.”

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